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Erik Peterson


BA Business Administration (Magna Cum Laude)

 - Eastern Oregon University-3.89 GPA

Masters Degree Business Administration

(Magna Cum Laude)

- University of Montana- 3.9 GPA


Professional Certifications

North Dakota Broker- License #9328

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Erik Peterson is the founder of Proven Realty and brings extensive experience to the market. Erik was born and raised in Missoula, MT and grew up in a real estate family, where both of us his parents had real estate licenses. Over the past six years, Erik has assisted property owners and tenants with all their real estate needs in North Dakota; He has sold and leased commercial and industrial properties, ran successful marketing campaigns, been very involved in residential and workforce housing, business consulting, business sales and property management. In addition, Erik has helped Bakken companies create long term business relationships and develop real estate properties. He has previously held ownership interests in businesses in the Bakken which specialized in gravel transportation, potable water & septic hauling, porta-potties and real estate development.

Erik has negotiated on over $400 million worth of real estate in the Bakken. These various projects include industrial shops, retail, office, residential, mancamps, and development projects. He also has worked closely with planning & zoning departments, engineers, architects, contractors, and developers.

Previously, Erik was President of Peterson Financial and spent 13 years helping investors reach their personal and financial goals. He held several investment licenses, each with a different specialty. He managed over 400 accounts in 7 states. In addition to his investment management expertise, he has consulted for several corporations to assist them to market, plan, and finance their businesses. This vast financial experience has given Erik a broad and diverse understanding of both corporate finance and business efficiency. 

Erik has 4 adult children and when he is not working tirelessly to assist clients to find property; he likes to hunt, fish, travel, and compete in Spartan Races.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

Office: (701) 369-3949

Mobile: (406) 544-6489


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