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Phone: (253) 344-8904

Adam "Clyde"  Macaraeg

Marketing Specialist

Clyde Adam joined Proven Realty Team in 2022. He has always been curious and inquisitive in learning and developing new skills. He is strategic and always takes into account the quality and relevance of his content.

Prior to joining Proven Realty. Adam has extensive experience being a social media manager and as an admin assistant. He used this experience to deliver quality and competitive output for the Proven Realty team. He always reviews, assesses, and plans how a content should be created based on how the community has responded to his previous posts. In this way, he believes that he should be able to maximize the potential reach of his posts. He researches relevant issues and in-demand content to be able to make his craft more relatable to the public.
Other than that, Adam has always been fascinated in learning the ways to financial freedom. He makes this a habit of heightening his knowledge in trading the stocks, cryptos and other forms of investment strategies. This is why, He is deeply interested in learning more about the real estate industry, for he believes that, this is truly one of the best forms of long-term investment.
Adam is diligent and resourceful when it comes to his output. He will use this behavior in providing his team with the utmost quality he could give.

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