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4 DIY Easter Decoration Ideas To Brighten Up Your Home

Spring is here and with it comes Easter! What better way to get into the spirit of Easter than with a few DIY decorations? Whether you’re looking for something simple and elegant or more fun and colorful, we’ve got four great ideas to help you bring some spring vibes into your home.

1. Paper Garlands – A paper garland is a great way to add a bit of color to an otherwise plain wall or window. All you need are some colored paper, scissors, string, tape, glue, and a little bit of imagination. Cut out circles, hearts, eggs or any other shapes in various sizes, create patterns if you like, then glue them onto the string. Hang your garland up in any room you like and enjoy!

2. Bunny Wreath – What better way to welcome guests into your home this Easter than with an adorable bunny wreath? To make one yourself all you need is a circular foam wreath form (which can easily be purchased from any craft store), white felt (or fabric if preferred), two pieces of thick twine or twig boughs for ears, buttons for eyes and nose and some ribbon for hanging it up. Simply attach the felt around the wreath form using glue or pins then add the twine ears and buttons on top - easy peasy!

3. Paper Flowers – These cheerful paper flowers are super easy to make and look beautiful when hung up around windows or door frames. All you need are some colorful paper cut into petal shapes (you can use templates too!), scissors, string/ribbon and tape/glue - plus something round like a cup lid or bottle cap as a base for each flower pot if desired. Simply attach all your petals around whichever round object you’ve chosen as your base then tie some string/ribbon around it near the top before taping/gluing it together at both ends - there you have it! Now hang up your flowers wherever needs cheering up most this Easter season!

4. Bunny Bunting – For this fluffy craft, you will need felt in different colors for each bunny (white for body & ears & pink/black for nose & eyes), scissors, sewing thread needle & pins plus ribbons for hanging them up with once completed. Draw out bunny shapes on pieces of felt then cut out 4x per bunting shape before pinning 2 together before stitching along their edges leaving only small gaps open at either end (one below ears & one at tail). Once all bunnies have been stitched together simply fill each gap with stuffing before stitching back up & adding ribbons ready to hang them up - there you go!

Hopefully, we have inspired you enough to get crafting this Easter season! From paper garlands to bunny buntings there's sure to be something here that will brighten up any room instantly while also giving everyone something fun & creative to do ahead of Easter Sunday itself - so grab those craft supplies now & let's get decorating! Happy Easter everyone!

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